Promstuck @ Chibi Pa 2014!

There is a Promstuck planned at Chibi Pa in 2014! It will be God Tier themed so it’s time to get those lovely clothes out! We’ll be keeping you up to date up till the day of the event so feel free to check back here for updates!

0utf0xed said: there is a cosplay meetup and homestuck meetup coming up that a friend of mine is making, here is the site where it tells you everything --> meetup. com/cutler-ridge-group/

There’s a cosplay meet up in Cutler Ridge guys! Take a look at the link that’s been shot over to us if you’re interested!

hokababe said: how do the meetup work like do you just give details about a specific place that homestucks are going to and a time and baM! whoever wants to go, goes or..? im sorry im completely new to this and im in Miami B))

Yeah that’s pretty much the idea! Generally announcing your intentions early and then bringing it up again closer to the date works best. Some people also set up facebook pages for these things.

'CON'NON SENSE: How to Prepare & Pack for a Convention (a guide by Crowry) also featuring WHAT NOT TO DO AT A HOTEL



Okay, this post is going to be lengthy, so please bear with me. I want to talk about preparing to attend a convention, how to pack sensibly, and what NOT to do at a hotel. I’ve been attending cons for nearly a decade now and aside from that I have traveled often and widely with my family. I have also worked as hotel cleaning staff, and I know exactly how much someone will hate you for leaving the bathroom looking like a bomb of wig hair, eyeshadow, and toothpaste went off in it. (Hint: a lot.)


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Convention Season Is Here My Dears, It Is Best To Be Prepared.

yourfrenchpedobear said: Are there any meetups in December?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure actually. :C We haven’t been contacted by any parties in the area that want to host one nor have we have the time to host one ourselves. It’s still early in December, so I’m pretty sure there is time for one or two before things get crazy!

If anyone is interested or is hosting one, just contact us and we’ll signal boost you!

Anonymous said: Are you guys planning on going to animate! Miami convention? :o

At the moment we’re not sure! Currently we don’t have any plans, but that may change come December/January?


So like, I made a thing, not sure if it’s been done yet…
Am I kicked out of the fandom yet?  

Halloween Horror Nights Meet Up 2012: The Update!

Sorry for being so quiet! So yes, I’ll be holding the meet up for my birthday for anyone interested in going to Halloween Horror Nights on the 27th! Here’s all the information you will need! 

I will be up there from October 25-28th so if anyone needs help with anything, I will already be up there. The meet up would be happening on Saturday October 27th.

We will be going to Island of Adventure then going on to Halloween Horror Nights after that! You are not required to be there all day for both events of course!


Daytime Island of Adventure Meet Up Times:

  • 11:11am will be the first meetup time in the Marvel Superhero Island at the Captain America Dinner. We may be eating breakfast there if everyone would like to!
  • 4:13pm is the second meet up time in the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.
We will be waiting at each of these locations for at least one hour each to give everyone a chance to get there. Here is a map to help guide you all! Just open it up in a new tab and it will be bigger!

Nighttime Horror Nights Meet Up Times:

  • 9:00pm will be the first meet up time and we will be meeting at Beverly Hills Boulangerie. Those who wish to have dinner may do so!
  • 12:00pm will be the second meet up time which will be at Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue.
We will be waiting at the first meet up point for an hour and only half an hour at the second meet up point due to time restraint.
And here’s the map for that! Just like before open in a new tab for a larger size!


Costume are heavily regulated at this event and you will be turned away at the door if you do not follow the rules so please take this seriously!

  1. No Makeup
  2. No Masks
  3. No Stage Blood
  4. Wigs are… Iffy… So use caution.
  5. Horns and animal ears are iffy, use caution.
  6. Costumes that look like costumes are iffy. You may want to avoid God Tiers and other similar costumes.
That said, if you’d going to cosplay, make sure you look ‘normal’. Any of the kids or guardians should be fine as long as they are not in their God Tier forms and no zentai suits are involved. You are welcome to come as the trolls, but you can’t be grey. My suggestion for our troll cosplayers is to go as human versions of them. This suggestion also applies to all other non-human characters. Horns are iffy as well as wigs and I would suggest not bringing either one. There are two reasons for this. For one, you may be turned away and forced to go back to your care and leave them there. For two, if you’re going on rides, these things can fall off your head and be not only a loss for you but a danger to the other park goers. Any characters that have glasses of some kind should hand them off to someone else if you’re going on a roller coaster or something else similarly as rough. The same should be done with anything else that’s not completely secure, such as wigs, dog ears or hats. For the cosplayers with shades like Sollux, Equius and Dave, if you’re going to Horror nights, it’s dark so it will be hard to see. I suggest bringing a case to safely store your shades so that they can be brought out for pictures if you wish, but not be actively wearing them. This is both for your eye’s sake as well as for your safety so you don’t trip over something you didn’t see.


Here’s links to three unaltered maps!

Island of Adventure: 
Universal Studios:
Halloween Horror Nights:

Please let me know if you’re coming and please contact me through private message to help find out who is going and organize us so we can easily find each other! I am offering my personal contact information to anyone who asks for it so that we can more easily find each other at the parks. Please give me your contact information in exchange for mine! <3 I will be checking this tumblr at each meeting point so it’s never too late to contact me with your contact info! Also, please tell me about your phone plan so I know if I should call or text you.